Organisation Updates


The ACPF Members and RD&E forums and 2018 AGM took place in Brisbane on 26th September with 15 members participating, either in person or by video link.

Forum updates included a progress and investment report against the ACPF Strategic & RD & E plans, trace metals profiles, national SeSafe project, bycatch reduction/trawl efficiency project and ACPF’s community engagement strategy. ACPF members also provided brief presentations on the challenges and needs of each fishery.

The RD&E meeting was followed by the ACPF 2018 Annual General Meeting at which ACPF board elections took place. The 2018 Board consists of:

  • Simon Clark (SA),
  • Felicity Horn (WA),
  • Eric Perez (Qld),
  • Terry Richardson (SA),
  • Tricia Beatty (NSW),
  • Dylan Skinns (Austral),
  • Ashley Lukin (SA),
  • Stefan Diacos (Raptis) and
  • Annie Jarrett (NPF).

The ACPF welcomes Ashley Lukin’s experience as an active fisher in the Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery. Appreciation was expressed to retiring Director Kim Justice who, as a skipper in the Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent, brought a wealth of practical insight and a passion for promoting Australia’s prawn fisheries and products in the hearts of Australians during his six years as an Director. Annie Jarrett was re-elected by the Board as ACPF Chair.

The membership of the ACPF Board continues to bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and a solid commitment to building on the considerable achievements of the ACPF to date.

ACPF AGM 2018 in Brisbane

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