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Trace element profiles research project1. Project to investigate the use of trace element profiles to substantiate provenance for the Australian prawn industry.

ACPF is partnering with Australian Prawn Farmers’ Association to “Investigate the use of trace element profiles to substantiate provenance for the Australian prawn industry.” The origin of food can be established by its profile of trace elements and, like pork and wine, Australia’s prawn industry aims to do the same. Starting in early 2017, we aim to:

Investigate and pilot a cost effective, legally enforceable method to establish the provenance of prawns and ensure robust identification of source harvest areas for the Australian prawn industry.

Investigate and confirm with stakeholders how the method can be used as a basis for preventing/discouraging the substitution currently impacting the LAP national strategy and other accreditation/branding initiatives (eg MSC).

Communicate the outcomes of the project results to supply chain partners and regulators and evaluate such that is can be shown that they aware that such a method exists and how it can be used to manage product integrity issues.

2. Workshop of Australia’s prawn fishers to identify research needs and a future project to reduce bycatch and improve fuel efficiency.

ACPF is partnering with the Commonwealth, Qld, NSW, Victoria, SA and WA to hold a workshop on bycatch reduction and trawl efficiency technologies in Sydney on 7th and 8th February 2017. Australia has a long history of investment in trawl fishery sustainability and is regarded as a world leader in this area by the United Nations.

Our prawn fisheries all operate in different environments with different trawl gear and differing bycatch challenges. The workshop will focus on what’s been done to date to address those challenges and where our next investments should be targeted. Various prawn fishers from each jurisdiction and relevant technical experts will participate in the workshop

Image: Net, St Vincent Gulf

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