Buying, Preparing, Storing

Australian wild prawns should smell like the ocean. Australian wild prawns have pure flavour found only in nature and there is a species for every recipe occasion.

Why Choose Australian Wild Prawns?

Most prawns caught at sea are sorted and packed within moments of being caught. They are available in frozen packs but mostly sold loose in the deli of supermarkets and independent seafood retailers.

Buying Australian Wild Prawns

When in store, use all your senses — prawns should smell like the ocean, feel firm, look bright and lustrous (not slimy). Look for intact legs, feelers and eyes. If your prawns look like this, they should taste great.

Thawing Prawns

Frozen prawns can be thawed in the fridge or in salted cool water, not in the microwave or sitting them at room temperature!

Peeling Prawns

To peel a prawn, twist off the head, peel the body sections off one segment at a time and “pop” the tail off by squeezing the last segment.

Australian wild prawns aren’t limited to the BBQ! Pick a cuisine, an occasion or a cooking style and there’ll be a recipe!

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