Bycatch Reduction / Catch Efficiency Workshops UPDATE

UPDATE: 18 October 2018

Port meetings continue in prawn fisheries to explain techniques for greater bycatch reduction and improved catch efficiency as part of the ACPF bycatch extension project.  Common interest was expressed by our members on 26th September in :

  • a) examining Kon’s Covered Fisheye and/or the FishEX 70 compared to the square mesh panel,
  • b) examining existing gears for optimal knot orientation, tapers, boards and gear configuration (quad vs double, etc.) to reduce drag,
  • c) streamlining of approval processes for fishers to trial modifications, and
  • d) square mesh in wings to reduce small prawns.

Members agreed to design project/s before Autumn 2019 that enable fisheries to trial high priority gear for their fishery.

The next port meetings will take place as follows:

  • Brisbane (Shorncliffe):  30 November
  • Carnarvon:  March/April

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