Our priorities

We are what we do, not what we say. Our projects and investments are evidence of our priorities.

2021-2026 ACPF Mission, Goals and Strategy 

The ACPF’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan was set by members. It is what drives us; it describes our vision, what we value, our goals and how we plan to achieve them.  We achieve this strategy through Marketing campaigns and investment in Research, Development and Extension.


Our members are the people behind the industry- funded Australian Wild Prawn – Taste the Wild campaign to differentiate Australian wild prawns. 

We also partner with the Australian prawn farming industry in the industry-funded Love Australian Prawns campaign to increase demand for Australian prawns.

Research, Development & Extension

Through partnership with Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and other co-funding partners, our investments are award winning and include;

Community engagement trial project

Community engagement trial project Australian Wild Prawn – More than a Prawn National Seafood Industry Award 2022, Australian Good Design Award 2022, Brisbane Advertising and Design Awards, 2021.

Using trace elements to substantiate prawn provenance

Education for food service

Engaging food service to educate on wild prawn use options for kitchen staff.

Processing Efficiency

Community Engagement

We run a Community Engagement Program via social media to make sure we’re talking to and hearing the community’s views about what we do.

People Development Program

We run a People Development Program to grow the industry’s people – we promote the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program and the online Fishing Industry Representation program.

Food Safety

Seafood safety as funding partners in SafeFish

Crew Safety

Safety at sea as funding partners in SeSAFE

Bycatch Reduction

Each of Australia’s prawn fisheries invests in bycatch reduction initiatives suited to their fishery and species.

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