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Prawn Recipes

People love Australian wild prawns. Whether you’re looking for the crunch and loaded flavour of a wild king prawn, the mild sweetness of a wild banana prawn or the stripes of a wild tiger prawn, there is an Australian wild prawn to satisfy your taste and suit every occasion.

 Prawn Recipes

Australian Fisheries

Australian Prawn Fisheries

From humble beginnings of hauling the day’s catch in by hand, Australian fishers are pioneers in sustainable prawn harvesting.  We bring the finest quality prawns from the remote Gulf of Carpentaria, the World Heritage-Listed Shark Bay, tropical Queensland, the cold southern waters of Spencer Gulf and the stunning NSW coast to our discerning consumers.

Prawn Fisheries

Fishing Families

Prawn Fishers

Our prawn fishing families work hard and strive to produce the highest quality wild-caught prawns from clean, green Australian waters for consumers. We are proud of our products, proud of our heritage, and proud of our iconic industry.

Prawn Fishers


Sustainability - planned and certified wild prawns

Our prawn fisheries are globally recognised as some of the best managed in the world, including by the Food and Agriculture Organisation – United Nations (FAO).  Industry works in partnership with fisheries managers and scientists to ensure sustainable fishing practices and to minimise impacts of fishing on the marine environment.

Planned & Certified Prawns

“It’s in all our interests to look after the marine environment.  Fishermen rely very heavily on a healthy functioning marine ecosystem.  We believe that a healthy ecosystem equals a healthy sustainable fishery.” 

Simon Clark, ACPF Director

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