96% score at retail

Australian Wild Prawns are “more than a prawn”. They are the Taste of the Wild. So – are seafood retailers selling what they say they are? Yes. 131 samples taken from retailers by Source Certain from all around Australia near the end of the year.  A repeat of early 2023 results, 100% of prawns claiming to be Australian were Australian.  Of the prawns labelled ‘wild caught’ (via species, fishery or MSC) 96% were verified as Australian wild prawns.  The work is part of an ACPF/FRDC project with Curtin University and Source Certain. Congratulations to Australian wild prawn seafood retailers for supporting the industry through truth in labelling.

If you have a suspected substitution, the prawn’s origin can be correctly classified through Source Certain with 99.2% accuracy.

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