Australian Wild Prawn chef training goes online

A 13-part online learning module has been released in Australia and SE Asia as part of an ACPF/FRDC funded project (1). The online Australian Wild Prawn course is based on the Chef Resources videos launched earlier in the project in April 2023 covering sustainability, species and kitchen utilisation.

82% of the food service sector surveyed as part of the project get their Australian wild prawn information from the time-pressed supply chain. Chefs can also feel caught in the middle of ideas about a food’s environmental sustainability credentials and not know where to turn.

With 14,625 students enrolled in food trade qualifications (2) across Australia and no in-person hospitality courses offering specialty Australian Wild Prawn training, the ACPF opted to take the Chef Resources videos to the next level. Working with Fishtales and leading hospitality training provider Allara Global, an online course was created. Allara Global provides online training options to around 3,500 businesses and their staff.

(1) FRDC Project 2021/092 “Assessing effective approaches to engaging the food service sector”.    (2) The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (2022)


Answering chef’s questions.

Take Module 2 – Sustainability to see how food service will work through Australian wild prawn environmental credentials.

“Australian Wild Prawns are sustainable, unique, and produced to the world’s highest standards. They offer such an amazing array of flavours, textures and price points, that the options for use across any cuisine or venue are endless.

This course shows chefs how they can best use Australian Wild Prawns in their kitchens to elevate their culinary efforts, and to help any business stand out in a competitive market.”

John Susman, Senior Partner, Fishtales

“The course has been carefully crafted for the hospitality industry and has already proved hugely popular.

This course can be delivered at scale, not just within Australia, but around the globe. We’re expecting 12,000 people to access the Australian Wild Prawns course this month alone, including our customers from high-end hotels & restaurants, through to pubs and clubs, who have already started the courses – feedback has been great so far.”

Andrew Lewis, CEO, Allara Global

In a fun and positive way, a trainee doing the 13-part course needs to successfully answer questions on the Chef Resource videos embedded in each module before moving on.

The learning modules are available free of charge to Allara Global online learning subscribers and anyone taking online courses such as cookery will be encouraged to take the Australian Wild Prawn modules.  

The modules are also extended via an open invitation to chefs through wholesale ordering platform FRESHO which reaches over 90,000 venues globally.

Help your food service contact boost their Australian Wild Prawns confidence – share the invitation to take the Australian Wild Prawn modules!

Training from ocean to plate, the modules include:




Buying Wild Prawns

Handling Wild Prawns

Wild Prawn Size Grading

Wild Prawn formats

Preparing Wild Prawns

Cooking Techniques

King Prawns

Banana Prawns

Tiger Prawns

Endeavour Prawns


School Prawns

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