Bycatch Innovation – Episode 2 & 3: Bycatch and Trawl Efficiency

Bycatch reduction device efficiency factors

Bycatch and Trawl Efficiency Series
Bycatch Reduction Globally and in Australia
Bycatch Reduction and Codend

As part of the ACPF/ FRDC funded project to extend bycatch reduction and trawl efficiency research results to our fisheries, Steve Keneally, Matt Broadhurst and Steve Eayrs share options to reduce bycatch and trawl efficiency.

The summary of findings can be viewed here:

Still to come:

  • Fuel efficient bycatch reduction – front end (rig config, boards, sweeps)
  • Fuel efficient bycatch reduction – net mechanics (mesh size, net shape, knot direction)
  • Fuel efficient bycatch reduction – ground gear (ground gear & fish excluders)
  • What are fisheries interested in?
Bycatch reduction device efficiency factors

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