Fisher Exchange 2019 Awarded

Tom's Birdeye BRD

NPF to test water flow around Tom’s Fisheye and Shark Bay to trial e-logs

Awarded $4,000 each from ACPF’s ‘Fisher Exchange’ program, two projects aimed at solving a prawn fishing problem have been supported by ACPF as follows;

  1. NPF industry project to trial the Tom’s Fisheye BRD in a flume tank in Denmark. The Tom’s Fisheye has achieved reduction in small fish bycatch of > 40%. The trials wills experiment with water flow and the low pressure points around the BRD that enable escape when the fisheye is installed at different points in the codend with a view to improving performance.
  2. Geoff Diver, Sea harvest, Shark Bay will be investigating the application of e-log systems in use in other fisheries for adoption in the Shark Bay fishery.
Tom's Birdeye BRD

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