We are beyond proud to announce that in just 6 months, the Australian Wild Prawn ‘More than a Prawn’ campaign to build community trust and promote the Australian Wild Prawn industry has taken home the following awards:

***  Best Promotion Award, National Seafood Industry Awards, Sept 2022

*** Best in class – website design and development, Australian Good Design Awards, Sept 2022

*** 8x Trophies across website design, campaign execution and point of sale collateral, Brisbane Advertising and Design Awards, Nov 2021

 The ‘More than a Prawn’ campaign has now reached more than 9.7 million people in just two and a half years and continues to be the cornerstone of the ACPF’s 2021-2026 community engagement program, proudly telling the stories of our wild prawn fishers and what we care about.


The ACPF – together with project partners Curtin University, Source Certain and APFA – also proudly took out the Best RD&E Award at the National Seafood Industry Awards 2022 in Brisbane on 15th September for the prawn trace element fingerprinting project. This cutting-edge technology gives the wild prawn sector the capacity to verify labelling claims of Australian prawns from our Australian prawn fisheries. 

Work continues to 2025 to verify the stability of trace element profiles in the changing marine environment year on year.

Congratulations to all involved – these are wonderful achievements and proud moments for the ACPF and all our collaborative partners.

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