“They export the best, we get the rest”. Negative opinions, like habits stick around a long time.

But the Australian Wild Prawns campaign is taking these on on with TV and social media campaigns lifting the veil and connecting people with the human face of the industry and what they care about. 1.2 million Australians have each watched at least 3 of the 13 stories shot from all around Australia. Most feedback we receive is positive and we’ve been able to change the minds of rusted on critics, showing (rather than telling) what’s been done to reduce by-catch and give people a greater understanding of where their wild prawns come from.

Thousands of boxes of Australian Wild Prawns are shipped from vessels every year to Australians. Many consumers want to know the story behind the prawns they buy and distributors and retailers also look for this information.

We encourage fishing companies to download the free QR code that links to your prawn fishery for use on packaging. You can download your free QR code link to your fishery story here so that your prawns stand out from the pack.
QR Code for Australian Wild Prawn fisheries

Download your QR Code.

Now, you can connect buyers of your product with your fishery story using free QR codes on your packaging.

Choose your fishery, choose your format, download the file and email it to your printer or packaging supplier. You can also use these codes beyond packaging. They work on business cards, price lists, stationary and even vehicles and vessels.