Taste the Wild, Australian Wild Prawns campaign begins

The campaign to promote Australian Wild Prawns went live just before Easter – just one month after prawn fisheries around Australia agreed to the campaign.

The campaign calling on consumers to “Taste the Wild” is based on 18 months of consumer research, design, planning and listening to prawn fisheries and retailers around Australia.

1.5-1.8million seafood consumers in specific metro and regional locations were among the first targeted via social media. Videos and recipes from Australian Wild Prawns and Love Australian Prawns will convince people why wild tastes better. Advertising spaces have been booked in high end food media for roll out later in the season and material is being designed for production and distribution to key independent seafood retailers.  The campaign runs alongside the ACPF’s social license program based on Australian Wild Prawn’s ‘What We Care About’ series and the Love Australian Prawns campaign. For more details see https://campaign.australianprawnfisheries.com.au/

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