Adrianne Laird (with Bryan Van Wyk from Austral Fisheries)

Adrianne Laird (with Bryan Van Wyk from Austral Fisheries)

Adrianne Laird, with Plastic Free Fish team members in the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) 2018, and in partnership with OceanWatch Australia, is calling on the Australian Seafood Industry to take the pledge to help reduce plastic waste going to landfill and the aquatic environment.

Every year around 8 million metric tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean with an estimated 2/3 of the world’s fish stocks suffering from plastic ingestion. If we continue on this trajectory it is estimated that within the next decade there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The Plastic Free Fish team says that the seafood industry is directly dependent on the health of the marine environment and sustainable fish stocks. We can lead by example, add to the global momentum of plastic use reduction and take the Plastic Free Fish pledge

Adrianne is the Project Officer for the Northern Prawn Fishery Industry Ltd (NPFI). Both the ACPF and NPFI have recognised Adrianne Laird’s leadership potential and supported her to complete the NSILP as part of the vision to identify and equip the next generation of leaders.

I want the seafood industry to be highly regarded by the community as an important and iconic industry which provides safe, high quality seafood from healthy, sustainable oceans and a substantial contributor to Australia’s social and economic values.” Adrianne Laird

Congratulations Adrianne on graduating on 25 October 2018 from the Australian seafood industry’s most recognised industry leadership program! We look forward to working with you.