Congratulations to Scott Clarke, Cristina Maccagnola and Alfan Ansori (Shark Bay Prawn Trawler Operators’ Association) who will receive a total of $4500 for their group to attend the NPF’s Crew Member Observer Program (CMOP) training in July 2019.  Scott, Cristina and Alfan are Shark Bay’s Crew Member Observers.  By being part of NPF’s training, they aim to improve their on-board data collection of non-target species they catch and drive the Program’s future direction in Shark Bay.  They also aim to look at how NPF vessels are set up and have some time with crew to talk about the operational aspects of their fishery.

The ACPF will next call for interested fishers with problems they would like to tackle to submit their plan of investigation and proposed budget in January 2019.