Love Australian Prawns 2017/18 Campaign Plans

The Love Australian Prawns campaign has big plans for its 5th year including branching out into the food service sector and working with chefs to create demand for Australian prawns; working with independent retailers and supermarkets to expand our consumer reach; creating education tools to help staff behind all seafood counters know more about our products; and keeping up our stream of luscious, inviting images and recipes while scaling up social media.

Momentum will also be given to our spring and winter campaigns, crucial in keeping consumer interest and demand higher through quieter times.
Recipes remain the most powerful and direct way to inspire Australian Prawn purchases.  New recipe photography will be commissioned and 400,000 x 16 Page Recipe Books distributed throughout seafood retail stores.

Research, Development and Education funds will be used to commission consumer and retailer education resources to help with prawn handling, preparing and species.

LAP will continue investment in digital, social and on line media as it has proven to be the most effective way to get recipes into people’s hands.

LAP has also negotiated with the winemaker and distributer of 2 high profile wines to place the LAP logo on 30,000 bottles as a neck label with the words, “Perfect Partners”.  Appearing in restaurants and in Dan Murphy’s stores it is another profiling opportunity for Australian Prawns.

View the report here.

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