Food service wild prawn virtual classroom a hit

82% of the food service sector gets its prawn information from their fishmonger/wholesaler*.  With so many food service questions, the Chef Resources on the Australian Wild Prawn site provide a go-to short video series  to help the wild prawn sector’s supply chain save time.

The ACPF also promoted the video series to the hospitality sector on Youtube and Facebook with reach and view rates that took us by surprise! In two months to June, over 400,000 ‘hospitality workers’ were reached on Facebook alone. Over 6,000 people watched the full length of a 1+ minute video with 350,000 people viewing part of videos across Facebook and Youtube.

* Survey results from FRDC Project 2021/092 “Assessing effective approaches to engaging the food service sector” commissioned by the ACPF in 2021 in partnership with Fishtales.

Chef resources tools – for the professional chef and interested home cook! 

Take a look at the design of the project, the insights from chefs involved in 2022 workshops that led to the creation of the Chef Resources tools

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