Australian Wild Prawns – More Than Prawns

climate change

To address the growing disconnect between the community and its food, the ACPF will launch a large project to narrow the gap for Australian wild prawns in early 2020.

The FRDC project (2018/172: Methods to profile and connect the provenance of wild caught prawn fisheries and their values to the community) will roll out film and next generation technology in the community across the country. The target audience is millennials followed by 55+, given that a large group of millennials are socially responsible and committed to responsible sourcing, demanding ethical practices and responsible behaviour.

Working with a team of film, digital, retail intervention and marketing specialists, the ACPF aims to improve community knowledge about our fisheries and our people. Importantly, we’ll be talking about how our fishers care about the environment, our role in food trust and our contribution to the community.

Watch this space!

Climate Change

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