ACPF Board – White Spot Meeting

The ACPF Board met in March 2017 to discuss White Spot.

Of note the March meeting discussed and developed a policy position in response to White Spot as follows:

  • Government and all sectors of industry should work toward the aim of declaring Australian WSSV free
  • ACPF will work with FRDC to commission research to inform ACPF’s input to the various inquiries including:
  1. identification of vectors and bio-security risks applicable to wild capture fisheries in relation to fisheries productivity, future trade and consumer confidence         
  2. demonstrate that the testing regime no longer meets demand, including identification of loopholes and system break downs that prove that the testing regime can no longer meet Australia’s biosecurity requirements
  3. identification of economic impacts of the WSSD/WSSV outbreak and import ban on the wild catch sector
  • Re-imported Australian product must be tested appropriately with cross-contamination risks identified
  • ACPF support efforts to prepare the wild sector (industry audience) for WSSV spread via extension and response manuals (including ramifications for recreational sector responsibilities) and support input from the other States into the Qld project officer/biosecurity project
  • ACPF enter EADRA as a participating signatory rather than an observer with the position that the wild catch sector is exempt from any cost sharing mechanisms given the inability of the sector to control disease introduction
  • ACPF take advice from the LAP committee on the best way to market Australian prawns in light of the green prawn import ban and seek support for LAP to build messages around supply and food safety of Australian prawns
  • That LAP, not ACPF take a lead role in (prawn marketing) activities/messaging

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