ACPF Board – LAP Campaign

The board formed key agreements at the May Board meeting in relation to the Love Australian Prawns Campaign included:

  • That 2017-18 should the retain the same focus as held throughout the campaign i.e. to make prawns ‘special’
  • That the campaign should continue to steer away from engaging in public WSD response (or associating LAP with WSD and a negative connotation) but to focus on positive ‘pro Australian prawn’ activity
  • Target some more activity mid year in the slump of demand and particularly now as the market has flattened in response to WSD
  • Support investment that results in Australian prawns being seen as a premium product that are displayed (and handled) properly
  • Communication of LAP achievements is important to increase industry buy-on
  • Engage with the food service sector with the components of the campaign subject to LAP MC discussion  (Note – this was a response to 1) shortage in imported prawns and the opened window of opportunity and 2) reaction to the slump in demand at retail experience post WSD)
  • Engaging consumer attention at point of sale can be assisted by digital content (e.g via Woolworths Facebook page); a physical presence via demonstrations is probably still cost prohibitive

The LAP Management Committee subsequently met and agreed on the direction of the 2017/18 campaign.

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