Buying Tips & Suppliers

Prices vary from supply, demand and season. Prawns are sold in grades by their size.
Compare the price per serve, not the price per kilo. A standard serving of prawns, where they are the main component of the dish, is 6 large prawns, while only around 3-4 per serve are required in a dish like a laksa or risotto.
Fresh wild caught prawns at Sydney Fish Market

Why choose Australian wild prawns?

Australian wild prawns are safe to eat, healthy and nutritious, easy to access, sourced from Australia’s environmentally sustainable oceans – not to mention that they taste fantastic.

In every mouthful you will experience the pleasure of tasting the sweet, juicy and slightly salty firm flesh from pristine clear waters.  Prawns can be used in nearly any dish including curries, stir-fries, crumbed, garlic sauce, salads, pasta and the personal favourite of fishermen – ‘natural’. You can even use them to compliment other dishes! 

When you buy Australian prawns, you are buying with confidence. Prawns are available for all of your catering purposes from suppliers listed below.

Prawn Buying Tips

Australian Wild Prawns Suppliers by State

Image credit: De Costi Seafoods, Sydney Fish Market