Opportunity to obtain on-board prawn processing equipment for half price as part of a research project.

Five different types of innovative processing equipment suitable for installation on prawn trawlers have been identified in research conducted by the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). The CRC project is now looking for prawn fishers to co-invest in the installation and evaluation of these machines on commercial prawn trawlers.

The innovations are:

  1. Dipping tank reconfiguration in >20m vessels to enhance dipping time and cold Chain Management During High Volume Harvest
  2. Automated weighing, packaging system for a range of carton sizes.
  3. Digital scales with grading software and/or modified catching tray/hybrid hopper for faster manual grading on vessels less than 14m.
  4. Automated twin roller grader and/or modified catching tray/hybrid hopper for vessels longer than 14m.
  5. Automated separation of fish bycatch from prawns.

These innovations have been designed by well established engineering companies. Some already exist and others will be made to order. Depending on the level of interest it is anticipated that at least one of each the innovations will be installed on five separate vessels. The CRC project will pay half the purchase price of the equipment and vessel operators must pay the other half, plus installation costs. After the equipment has been evaluated, ownership will be transferred to the vessel operator, and it is expected the equipment will remain on the vessel.

Expression of Interest Submission

Please download detailed information for fishers submitting an Expression of Interest. A separate Expression of Interest form is needed for each vessel.

Engineering Specifications

To obtain engineering specifications for the innovation you are interested in, please email the Project Manager, Dr Janet Howieson, J.Howieson@curtin.edu.au

The closing date for submission of EoIs is 31 October 2021.

Multi-Head Weighing Machine
KM Fish Machinery’s On-Board Multi-Head Weighing Machine (EOI Prototype option)
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