The Kon’s Covered Fisheyes BRD was scientifically trialled in the NPF in 2016 and demonstrated almost 40% reduction in small bycatch with no prawn loss. During this coming season, the NPF is trialling modified covered fisheyes and different BRD configurations to further improve bycatch reduction technology in the NPF.

Neil Mogensen, Townsville, has received a Qld Government Research Permit to trial the Kon’s Covered Fisheyes BRD on FV Avenger this coming season in Qld. Neil’s aim is to reduce bycatch of small fish and further reduce occasional catch of endangered sea snake species while not losing prawn catch.

If you are a fisher with a problem you would like to tackle, whether it be social license, bycatch or on-board processing, see (link to blog post) and contact Rachel King with a plan of investigation and the proposed budget. ACPF may be able to help.

Image:  Neil Mogensen’s trial of Kon’s Covered Fisheyes BRD in his gear in Qld this season