Prawn Recipes

Caught in the pristine waters of Australia, wild caught prawns are seriously healthy. They are not only good for your body and mind – they are very tasty, too.
See below a small selection of prawn recipes including two of our most popular dipping sauces.

Prawn recipes for all occasions

Prawn Recipes

Australian wild caught prawns make a tasty and nutritious meal, not just for special occasions but also for daily lunches or weeknight dinners. They are a great in curries, risotto or pasta dishes and perfect just on their own with one of our popular dipping sauces.

Whether you’re looking for the crunch and loaded flavour of a wild king prawn, the mild sweetness of a wild banana prawn or the stripes of a wild tiger prawn, there is an Australian wild caught prawn to suit your catering. 

Want to know more about Australian wild caught prawns?

Get information on the differences between prawn species, prawn buying tips and suppliers and for loads of great prawns recipes for any time of year.