Love Australian Prawn Promotion Campaign.
A joint project between the Australian wild catch prawn industry (ACPF) and Australian prawn farmers (APFA).

Marketing Goals

Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries Ltd (ACPF) aims to achieve “effective and targeted national promotion of Australian wild catch prawns to consumers”.

In an Australian first, the wild catch prawn industry (ACPF) joined forces with prawn farmers (APFA) to develop a national marketing and promotional strategy in 2012. The aim of the strategy was to:

  • Increase value and volume for Australian prawns;

  • Increase desire for and desirability of Australian prawns; and

  • Give Australian prawns a special place in the eating habits of Australians.

With the advice of a marketing firm, the Love Australian Prawns campaign was born in 2013 and is funded by both the wild catch prawn industry and the farmed prawn industry.  Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and Seafood CRC provide in kind assistance.

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This video was produced in May 2014 after the Love Australian Prawns campaign had completed its first year. What was done? What were the results? What was the feedback? An important message for producers – fishers and farmers alike. Now in it’s sixth year, more promotional material has been produced. Head over to for the latest recipes and FREE Prawn Recipe Books.