CatchLog – Replacing the paper logbooks in Shark Bay

Catchlog electronic logbook system

Funded by ACPF’s development bursary funds, the CatchLog electronic logbook system was investigated, tailored and trialled on one of Sea Harvest’s prawn trawlers as a potential replacement for the current paper-based logbooks in the Shark Bay fishery.

The trial methodology involved using an “off the shelf” e-log software and integrating the software to fit DPIRD’s system to allow for the seamless receipt of commercial fishing data by DPIRD. Tailoring of the software included adding custom fields such as Crew on Board and interactions with TEPS.

Some teething problems were experienced as skippers learned another software package in an already hi-tech wheelhouse but the e-log trial demonstrated time and efficiency benefits over manual paper-based log books. Real time, or at least daily reporting, can play an important role in the management of prawn fisheries – WA’s DPIRD is looking at undertaking more trials of the CatchLog elog program across both Sharks Bay and other WA fisheries.

Catchlog electronic logbook system
CatchLog trial report excerpt: This image shows the screen which is added to during the fishing trip. The green dots represent the start location with red being the finish. Information from each shot can be obtained by clicking on the dots. This information stays on the vessel so all skippers into the future can access the historical data. This data cannot be edited by anyone on the boat.The report cannot be electronically sent unless all sections are completed. There are “Nil Recorded” options for target species, by-product and TEPS. These are useful in the case of an aborted shot due to gear or vessel malfunction.

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