Australian prawn prices are continuing their upward trend since the start of Love Australian Prawns in 2013 (1,2).

With prices increasing by around 20% in the first 3 years of Love Australian Prawns (1) demand has increased in the higher income, no children households. 41.5% of prawns were consumed by high income households in 2013 compared to nearly 47% in 2018. High income households are taking over demand from lower income households (2).

The prawn importation ban in 2017 had a negative effect on consumption around Christmas 2017 compared to Christmas 2016. Some of the drop in Christmas 2017 sales was likely related to the 5% of 1000 Australians surveyed in June 2017 for FRDC who said they would ‘wait and see’ before buying prawns again because they were worried about public health impacts. The 2018-19 Love Australian Prawns campaign aims to restore confidence in Australian prawns.

1 Prawn price and volume analysis 2008-2016, ACPF for LAP
2 Retail purchase data 2013-2018, Neilsens for FRDC