ACPF Organisation Update

ACPF meeting

The ACPF Members and RD&E forums and 2019 AGM took place in Melbourne on 8-9th October with 15 members and observers in attendance. Presentations and lively discussion took place on topics ranging from:

  • Planning for 2020-2025
  • Love Australian Prawns and the future market
  • Prawn profiling
  • Community engagement
  • On-board safety
  • Processing and packaging
  • Animal welfare
  • Environment

ACPF Board Elections

The RD&E meeting was followed by the ACPF 2019 Annual General Meeting at which ACPF board elections took place. The 2019 Board consists of Simon Clark (SA), Felicity Horn (WA), Eric Perez (Qld), Terry Richardson (SA), Tricia Beatty (NSW), Dylan Skinns (Austral), Ashley Lukin (SA), Stefan Diacos (Raptis) and Annie Jarrett (NPF). Annie Jarrett was re-elected by the Board as ACPF Chair.

The membership of the ACPF Board continues to bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and a solid commitment to building on the considerable achievements of the ACPF to date.

ACPF members were also in force at Seafood Industry Australia’s AGM at which community feedback to ‘Our Pledge’ was presented, and at Seafood Directions 2019 which focused on Sustainability, Industry, Value and Plastics.

ACPF meeting

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